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Real Housewives Of Dallas Isn’t Coming Back

Something about the onslaught of cast news didn’t bode well to my ears.  There was a lot of speculation going on, and even though everything is bigger in Texas, and bigger is always better, it doesn’t mean that a giant heap of conflicting news is.  Especially since the cast of the Real Housewives of Dallas was in shambles after Season Five ended.

Did Tiffany Moon really quit?  Or was she and bestie D’Andra Simmons teasing her comeback?  And was alum Cary Deuber to replace someone else?  Kameron Westcott positioned herself to be fired for racially insensitive tweets and Brandi Redmond posted a cryptic message about moving on, though I’m not sure she would have been missed.  RHOD viewers could do without her and Stephanie Hollman’s sloppy, sorority style antics after five seasons. 

Erika scolds Teddi

If you’re not totally appalled about the allegations Erika Jayne is facing, you might be an ice queen yourself. Or you might just be a cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who are still standing behind this woman for some reason. Erika and Tom Girardi are truly being accused of the worst — stealing money from vulnerable victims to fund their lavish lifestyle. Erika claims her divorce filing was just a coincidence, blaming it on Tom’s failing health and alleged infidelity in the same breath. Meanwhile, it seems more likely to most of us SANE PEOPLE that she heard shit was hitting the fan and tried to get out with as many million-dollar assets she could take with her.

And it’s clear Erika doesn’t give a f–k about anyone but Erika. Not even her RHOBH co-stars who are supporting her, and especially those (i.e. Sutton Stracke) who DARE to ask her legitimate questions about the whole thing. Erika’s tried to get herself dismissed from the whole case (as well as remove the lawyer in charge of investigating her). But the proof points that Tom deposited embezzled funds right into her bank account. And, thankfully, the justice system isn’t letting her off that easily. The victims can go after her for the money they’re owed. And Tom’s belongings are being auctioned off to begin to pay off his massive debts. So Erika’s going to have to bring her crocodile tears to court and finally answer some real questions. She should’ve just responded to Sutton — it’d be good practice for when she finally gets on the witness stand.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

The Real Housewives of New York is obviously having a rough season. But who wasn’t struggling during the tail end of 2020? The COVID-19 pandemic reached new levels of scary. There was an overall dark cloud hanging over everything, especially NYC after it was an epicenter of the virus. And the ladies dealt with filming delays, a smaller group, and a clear disconnect between older and newer cast members. But the Bravoverse is acting like the sky is falling. The last season of Real Housewives of Orange County deserved the hate for being dark, toxic, and boring. But this level of vitriol is new for the RHONY crowd.

And since the bad ratings have been rampant, so have the RHONY rumors. It started with word that Ramona Singer was getting fired, which wouldn’t be totally shocking after her nasty display during last week’s episode. Mona’s denied the rumors, even though a cast shakeup does seem imminent. There’s also word that the reunion is delayed for unknown reasons, but who knows about that. Probably Rihanna at this point. And it can’t be overlooked that Leah McSweeney and Eboni K. Williams have been receiving extreme levels of hate this season. At least we have Sonja Morgan. But the big question still remains — what are we STILL doing here without Dorinda Medley? A trip to the Bezerkshires is just what the ladies need.

Court Rules That Shannon Beador’s Daughters Can Film RHOC Season 16 After David Beador Objects

Whether you’re ready or not, Season 16 of the Real Housewives of Orange County is fast approaching. Heather Dubrow is coming back, Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke are out and, for some reason, Shannon Beador is still here. Hey, it’s better than last year. The word is still out whether Tamra Judge will make a return, but she sure loves to tease it.

Shannon’s spot as the current longest-running RHOC cast member is perplexing, to say the least. She came onto the scene married to David Beador, with three children and a whole lot of marital problems. After “the affair” of it all, we saw Shannon have breakdowns about her weight loss journey, her friends, her ex, and everything in between. And try to have her holistic doctor acupuncture the negativity out of her or whatever. And even though she and Kelly repeatedly got into toxic arguments throughout their time on the show, they somehow made up during Season 15. And for once, I found myself agreeing with Vicki Gunvalson that Shannon’s definition of friendship is fishy. 

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

Some of the Real Housewives of Potomac are clearly bothered by the new and improved Wendy Osefo. Zen Wen has enhanced some of her features and introduced the world to “happy” and “ness.” Yes, she’s a mom of three. Yes, she has four degrees. And yes, she can twerk in leather and lace. She’s a multifaceted woman and some people, aka Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, can’t handle it. What a shame. 

This week’s episode of RHOP was a total attack on Wendy. The green-eyed bandits were shady as hell, bringing up side baby rumors about Eddie Osefo to be messy while claiming they were just concerned for their so-called friend. They accused Dr. Wendy of losing her substance since she got surgery, which is just a whole other low. And it’s clear they, mostly Gizzy, are pressed because she’s in the same place she started the show in on Season 1. Except for this time, she lives in an even uglier house.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

OK so we need to talk about the Real Housewives of Potomac. Wendy Osefo is having her sophomore season glow up and a few people, namely Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, are trying to make it something it isn’t. The green-eyed bandits attacked Zen Wen during this week’s episode by claiming she lacked substance because she made some enhancements to her body. It’s screaming jealously to me. And hypocrisy considering Wendy and Robyn were being honest at the table while Gizzy wouldn’t even give a straight answer about whether or not Jamal Bryant still lives in her phone or not. And somehow finding a way to blame it on Karen Huger. Girl, bye.

My heart truly broke for Wendy on RHOP last night. Thankfully, Karen and Robyn’s new friend Askale Davis were there to support her. The ladies tried to make it a big deal that Wendy glowed up while STILL being a professor. STILL being a political commentator. And STILL having four degrees. Not to mention the shady way the bandits talked about the Eddie Osefo side baby rumors behind her back while claiming they were trying to be concerned friends. I’m typically pretty down the middle when it comes to Gizzy vs. Grande Dame, but thank GOD Karen had Whisky Wendy’s back.

Vicki & Michael

Vicki Gunvalson and her family have always been central to the story throughout her long-running stint on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Her marriage to Donn Gunvalson literally unraveled before our eyes on our TV screens. Briana Culberson is the first HouseKid of Bravo. We watched her give her mom a mini heart attack after eloping. And, of course, she was central to uncovering Brooks Ayers slimy behavior WAY before the cancer scam of it all. And her son, Micheal Wolfsmith, went from being embarrassed by surprise visits from Vicki at college to being her mini insurance protégé.

While Vicki’s RHOC days are over, she’s never truly totally out of the Bravo universe. Rumor has it she might be joining the next Real Housewives All-Stars mashup. And outside of reality TV, she has a small chance of becoming the First Lady of California. No, not kidding. Her fiance Steve Lodge is running for governor. And while her son Mike isn’t excited about it, it’s really happening. The question still lingers whether Vicki is funding the campaign.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 episode 8 recap malia white captain sandy slide argument

Well yachties, it appears we’ve made it to somewhat calmer seas. Eight weeks into this season of Below Deck Mediterranean and it feels like we’ve reached the first somewhat transitional episode of the year. That’s not to say that everything that happened this week was purely filler. But we’ve certainly come down from the emotional high of Lexi Wilson proudly declaring herself Satan amidst a full-scale attack against every other crew member on board.

Instead, this week’s episode starts out with the end of a good night out. Arguably the crew’s first, in fact. Everyone’s in a happy, tipsy mood. Some more than others — just ask Courtney Veale. Mzi Dempers may have drunkenly invited her to visit Cape Town, but David Pascoe‘s gallant attempt at helping her into her bunk only resulted in a head injury and vomit all over Malia White‘s bed the next morning. But hey, at least no one quit or walked off the boat this time. So we’ll take a win where we can get it.